Sailing vessel Dances With Dragons' Ship's Log


2013-14 continued

12 Oct 2014-The last page has terminated itself some kinda way and I have been for the last hour trying to figure out how to continue writing in it.  (I need computer direction.)

In the last week two more people have emailed me  to encourage me to write more in this thing. It gave me "writer's block" or "stage fright" I guess.  Before I didn't assume people were reading my blog and it was easy to just write my thoughts down. Heck, now I have to try to be careful not to offend. That is hard for me.  The truth has always served me best. So if you read something you don't agree with I hereby apologize in advance.  Get over it!.

Still in Bundaberg relaxing, working on the boat some, mingling with the natives some. Still haven't seen a kangaroo.  My friends are still heading this way from the Whitsundays.  Will be good to see them again. 

Like everyone else on Planet Earth I am getting  a little worried about Ebola and ISIS.  We certainly need a good leader. Many of the countries in the world are in need of better leaders.  the future of the Planet depends on the choices leaders make over the next couple years.

 I am having a tough time thinking of cute and clever things to write now that I know there are people actually reading this ship's Log. Not a lot to write about sitting here @ the dock. The story is the sailing, not the time spent @ the dock. Well, if the boat caught fire or started sinking like a rock I suppose that would be news worthy but for the most part tied to the dock is boring. Swashbucklers like me aren't happy with boring.

19 Oct 2014-I FOUND SOME KANGAROOS! I got pretty close to take his picture and he just stood there looking @ me  munching on grass. (They eat grass like deer and cows). I am going to bring him some carrots and see if that works for him.  Guessing it is a boy kangaroo but not sure. My Dad used to always turn  puppies upside down and look @ the bottom of their feet to tell if they were boys or girls....

Nah, he might bite me, and I probably couldn't catch him/her anyway. 

 There were two of them, the other one was laying down in the grass but got up and bounced away with his mate when I tried to get closer.  They have a lot of spring in their legs, they kept bouncing higher and higher as they got going. Going today to an area where there are supposed to be whole flocks of them and get some pictures.

My Aussie friends still haven't arrived from the Whitsundays. I know they are ok though as they emailed and allowed they are still pinned down by high winds.  I may have to get started south and wait for them in the Great Sandy Straights @ anchor as the "weather windows" don't come that often and they don't stay open for long. Would rather wait out weather on the lee side of an island than tied to a dock.

Why not George Clooney, Jane Fonda, Nancy Pelosi, Minnie Mouse or Monica Lewinski for Ebola Czar??  Heck, why not??  It is just mankind @ stake!  Or Goofy perhaps?  Why not? 

23 Oct 2014- Still @ the dock in Bundaberg.  Slip is paid up thru Mon so I figure I will stay here hooked up to shore power instead of @ anchor while I wait for my Aussie friends to show. This will keep some hours off the genset and too I have met a lot of good people here I can visit with some. And I can go find some more kangaroos to photograph.

The big ship in the picture below is heading up river to the sugar cane refinery. She has very little room on either side before she goes aground.  It looks odd to see a vessel that size navigating the Burnett River. This area reminds me of South Louisiana with all the sugar cane they grow. The kangaroos don't eat the cane for some reason, not on their menu.  I figure the leaves are too razor sharp for them and maybe the stems too tough to chew.  They will destroy a corn field or a pea patch most riki tik though. The farmers hate them. I like them real well but I am not farming for a Living here.  Like our white tailed deer in TEXAS they cause a lot of car wrecks.  I think I shall find one that is stuffed, a female of course, with "hooker's lips red" lipstick  on her lips, a big affectionate  smile on her face and keep her near to where I am on the boat. THATS THE TICKET!! She can keep me company on long passages and I won't feel so lonely.  I will find her some cute reading glasses and place a book in her hands and prop her up in the cockpit as we have reading time under way.  Hmm, this could work, maybe too I can find a sexy French maid outfit for her.  Wow, I may have just solved the "lonely" problem.  Amazing what the mind can conquer if you will just let it wander.

 28 OCT 2014- Don't know what happened to the caption I wrote under this picture but it is out of place it appears in the Burnette River. Very narrow, very shallow. It has to be tugged and shoved up river @ high tide to the sugar cane mill just past the Bundaberg Port Marina.  Looks odd coming up river it does.

Left Bookar Island anchorage and came south down the Great Sandy Straights to "Gary's anchorage".  Only about seven miles.  Winds are continuing to build and this will be a better anchorage for it.

Made a pizza today, my second, and it was even better than the first one!  Best pizza I ever had. A cold beer, great pizza, a nice hour long nap,,,heck, "it don't get no better than this!"

It is so cool to be able to put the anchor down after a passage and just relax like most sailors do and not be working hard and long to get a "show stopper" issue fixt so I can sail on.  

Will stay here tomorrow and let the weather calm down some before continuing south to Tin Can Alley. From there will leave the Great Sandy Straights and sail about 70 milies to Mooloolaba. Then on  another 70 miles to Manly, Queensland.

 30 Oct 2014- In Tin Can Bay, nice anchorage, no bugs. Will sail down to Mooloolaba tomorrow morning. Will wait out weather there for a few days before heading down to Manly which is where I will slip the boat while I am in TEXAS for a month with my Family.

 This is the third pizza I have made. It was great.  Don't know how to center it up on the page Sadly as it is truly a masterpiece.  Getting much better with this cooking bit.

17 Nov 2014-Flew home to TEXAS on 10 Nov and will be here visiting my Family til 10 Dec.  It is great to be home.Been almost a year since I have seen the Grand kids and they have grown a lot.

We moved my Mother in to an assisted Living facility a couple days ago. Kinda tough on my Mother as she is very independent. Seems to be accepting it a little better today. Hopefully she will make friends here with a lot of the other residents. She has already made friends with the staff. Nice people.

Going to Dallas in a couple weeks to watch my Grandson Levi, Jeremy N Rachel's boy, play football for the "MIGHTY DUCKS"!  Should be a lot of fun and the last Duck game I attended was awesome. 

 22 Nov 2014-I am NOT going to address any political issues right now. Too darn sick to my stomach over what is happening to the Constitution of the United States over the last few days, last six years actually.   Sail away....

My Mother is not accepting the move to the assisted Living facility very well. I have gotten sick over the last few days and can't go up there to see her. My Brother and two Sisters and Martha have been up there to see her though.

My Aussie friends Terry N Elaine on Viro's Child, are providing security for the boat while I am in TEXAS.  Not a lot of crime in Manly I am told. So, "no worries".

25 Nov 2014-Mother Nature is handing us a gift for the Thanksgiving Hollidays. No rain, snow or low temps forecast ed. The trip to watch Levi and the Mighty Ducks play football in Dallas should not be a dangerous ride or uncomfortable for the spectators.  (Spent a lot of time freezing in the stands when my Son Jeremy was playing.)

Couple days before I left Australia bound for home I ran across my birth certificate. I put it in my computer bag and showed it to my Mother @ the assisted Living facility. Told her that day listed on the form was the first time I ever got to see her.  She studied the form and said she remembered that event and remembered signing the form.   (If a Son or a Daughter who has a Parent that has Alzheimer's   reads this they will tell you this was a huge gift for me. My Mother's short term memory is gone but she remembers the day she, with God's help gave me Life.) Mother remembers things from when I was a child and that is what we talk about.  It gives me a chance to re Live it and I feel like it helps her as she just flows with it easily. Trying to remember if she ate breakfast this morning or not frustrates her so I don't press her to remember short term.

28 Nov 2014- In Dallas now with my Family. We are going to the JFK museum today. Will study the evidence and put the conspiracy theories to rest hopefully after I solve the mystery. We don't have a game to go to today, will just go see some things around Dallas and enjoy being with my Family.  I do miss seeing them when @ sea. They have a world map and are tracking me as I sail around the Planet. I think that is just cool.

My Grandson Steel is rooming with me and he is the  coolest little guy. He is ten and very smart and very pure of heart. I am hoping that when I get a little closer to TEXAS, maybe Brasil or Panama' he and his Cousin Bailey can fly down and join me as I make my way home. Bailey is 9 and he and Steel are best friends. (Of course all seven of my Grand kids would be welcome to come join me. It is just that those two are like "partners in crime" so to speak.) 

Not sure if my friends that tune in to this www are interested in all this banter, would think they would prefer to just read of adventures on Mother Ocean. Would just have to remind them that even "SWASHBUCKLERS" like me need to have quality Family time. Which reminds me, if I am going to be a swashbuckler I should perhaps buy a sword and a hat with a feather in it like Errol Flynn had. Yeah, that way next time the bad guys show up they will know they are in for an unpleasant ride.

7 Dec 2014-This is a picture of my Grand Daughter Charlsie Belle. She announced she was going to "sleep with Captain" when we were up in Dallas. She stayed pressed up against my back all night and I got very little sleep. I thought about moving to the other bed but my heart said "Never mind, we can sleep when we get back to the boat!". I agreed, it was just too nice to have this Loving little person next to me. (She thinks I am the most.) In the morning  I carefully slipped out of bed to make coffee. When I got back this is what I saw and had to take a picture of her reaching for her "Captain". Well, yes, I am a Swashbuckler but even swashbucklers have a soft side when it comes to Daughters and Grand Daughters.

Will be bound for Australia in three days. My month with my Family flew by waay too quickly. 

10 Dec 2014- @ LAX waiting for the flt to Melbourne. Miss my Family already. Was great to be home for a month.  In a way I am looking forward to getting back to the boat and back to the day to day routine. Have sails to patch, engine maintenance to deal with etc. Usual stuff. Keeps me outa the bars and out of trouble.

My Family gave me a "Kindle Fire" for Christmas. They gave me a 30 minute class on it. I remember how to turn it on and off.  They put a book on it and showed me how to purchase more books for it and how to purchase music.  I have one Ray Charles album so far and one Jack Reacher book. Pretty cool gift. Will be good to have @ sea.

15 Dec 2014- Not much to add this morning. Just working on the boat. Cooked stew last night and it was tasty.  Blah Blah Blah, can't think of anything cute and clever to say. Sinus allergies making my brain feel like it is in a vice and it is screwed down tight, not letting any good thoughts out. 

ISIS  has officially entered the ring in Australia. My Aussie friends have them to fight now and the fight will last a looong time.  Aussies can't have guns.  If the Islamist lunatic that held those folks in the Chocolate shop in Sydney , wound up killing two of them and wounding others had pulled that off in TEXAS @ least 3 of the 13 hostages would have been armed and they would have sent the boy to hell quickly.  No virgins in hell I understand.  HMM, maybe if we could make these idiots understand that the virgins are in Heaven and if they behave badly they will be sent to hell where there are no virgins, they will have to eat pork and sleep with pigs they wouldn't be so mean. Its easy, you want to go to where the virgins are, you HAVE to be nice.  Hey, this might work, could put a stop to a lot of the madness. Quick, someone call obama and get him to call his islamic brethren to inform them of this fact.  I just may have stumbled upon the cure for this ISIS disease that is spreading across the Planet!!

16 Dec 2014-Fixt the main yesterday. Down to just one needle for the machine with two sails to go. Will get Paul and Joyce to bring me some when they come 3 Feb.  Trying to sew through four plies of sail material is tough on needles and too it throws the machine out of timing and you have to spend three hours resetting it. Hey! I could get a Nobel Peace Prize like the one they gave obama!

Am almost certain I mentioned the two spider bites I got in Colombia when I first moved aboard this boat but just now remembered something from my teen age years.  A Girl I was seeing would ask me , "if you had your choice,,,death by spiders or snakes, which would you choose?".  I know, it was a funny question but she asked me that a lot, I suppose she had a fear of both spiders and snakes. (As I do).   Didn't have an accurate answer for her back then but I could tell her without hesitation that I would rather die from a snake bite.  Have experienced the spider bite bit twice in three months and I know for a fact a snake bite couldn't be that bad.!  Wasn't quite over the first one when the other one occurred, my body didn't have time to make a come back. Lost a lot of weight and strength. Gaining it back slowly, soon I shall be sharper that Gillette Super Blue!

19 Dec 2014-Well, I am back to square one. I think the sail repair knocked me out of that wee small piece of Heaven I thought I might have had a right to. Matter of fact I may not even be allowed in line outside the gate!  The machine kept breaking needles, the timing kept getting off so it wouldn't stitch correctly etc etc.  Broke what I was certain was the last needle, they don't sell these needles in Australia, so I rolled everything up, stowed the machine and as I was putting the sewing boxes away I found two more needles.  THAT is when I think I lost my piece of Heaven. It is a darn shame too as I have been real good for a long time and knew for sure I had a good chance of making the cut and getting through the gate "up yonder".  Not sure I can be good enough in the time I have left to overcome this setback.

 Good news is I am done with all the sail repair and can now do some relaxing, get out and see some of Australia, mingle with the natives.  The marina I am slipped @ is nice. Good folks run it, very helpful they are.

7 Jan 2015-Been a long time since I wrote in this thing. Surprised no one has emailed me to fuss @ me for not writing.  Ha!, could be they have become bored with my idle banter.

Sailed over to Allan N Ronnie's home in Raby Bay Christmas Day and had a wonderful Christmas dinner with them and several of their close friends. A good time was had by all.  I had rafted up alongside Storm, Allan N Ronnie's boat and wound up staying three days.  They both are great chefs and were determined to "fatten me up" and of course I obliged them.  Their boat Storm is a classic yacht. Beautifully restored by them. They did a lot of the work and had a very skilled craftsman working with them and it turned out great.

Sailed over last Thursday to  Peel Island and anchored off in Horse Shoe Bay til Sunday before sailing back to the slip in Manly, Brisbane.  Will go back to that anchorage as it is beautiful.

About to get hauled out so I can check the prop and shaft out, sand the bottom some and add another coat of anti fouling paint. She has been through the latitudes that are very bad for encouraging growth. You can almost keep up with it by swimming down there and giving it a good brushing often but it grows so fast it kinda overwhelms you. Could have managed it I know if I was 18 again. Have to get busy around here. Best 2015 to everyone.

14 Jan 2015-Hauled out yesterday. Hauled out on a little train car on tracks. Very cool process. One plus it has over getting hauled out with a travel lift is when they splash you  there aren't any slings rubbing a lot of the anti fouling paint off.  Nice, hospitable people run this rodeo as well. The boat yard super gave me a lift to the hardware store and boat store saving me a lot of leg work.

 Joyce N Paul are arriving from the USA on 3 Feb and I hope to be anchored in the Brisbane River near the Botanical Gardens. Will put me closer to the airport and make it easier to go and collect them.

Sanding and prepping tomorrow and will paint the bottom the next day. A fellah is putting together a quote to make the bullet holes go away.

Je Suis Charlie 







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