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17 Jan 2015-Been in the haul out yard in Manly for four days. Have sanded and painted the bottom with anti fouling paint, had the bullet holes patched, had the prop coated with "boat speed".  Boat speed is a product that a lot of the sailors here in Australia use to keep the barnacles off the prop. They all swear by it so I thought I would give it a go. Will probably splash monday, 19 Jan.

Will go anchor off and next week will sail up the Brisbane River  to anchor off near the Brisbane Botanical Gardens. That will put me closer to the airport so I can get my friends Paul and Joyce to the boat easier.  Plus it will give me the chance to see  some of Brisbane.

The growth on the bottom of the boat and on the prop was bad. Barnacles were so thick on the prop that it slowed the boat way down and would cause the engine to heat up when left @ cruising rpm for more than 20 minutes.  Feels good to be like new again.

 2015 is going to be better than any year so far.  Lots of great sailing ahead of me.

19 Jan 2015-Waiting for high tide to get splashed. It will happen @ 1730. This has absolutely been the best experience ever in a boat yard. The yard is clean, the people that run it are "TEXAS friendly" . They will help in any way possible.  (Loan out tools to work with, rides to the boat stores, hardware store and even the grocery store. They have a freezer and refrigerator boater's can use to store things. Bathing facility and heads are clean. Could go on about em for a while. Would recommend this yard to all boaters. Also, your boat goes up over a train car in the water on tracks and they pull you up on the bank with that....No straps to damage your new anti fouling on the way back in the water.)  Wynnum Manly Yacht Club Marina Ltd        [email protected]

Met a very nice Girl and we sailed out to Horseshoe Bay a couple weeks ago. We are going back this coming weekend, then I will sail up the Brisbane River in order to meet Miss Joyce and Paul @ the airport.  Should be a treat to anchor off in uptown Brisbane in the river.

Looking forward to seeing what kind of speeds she will post with a clean bottom and the prop speed on the prop and shaft. I know it will be much faster and the MPG will increase by a lot. 

 Heck, this is a picture of splicing the boom on my old Tayana in Cartagena Harbor about 4 years ago. I tickt on it by mistake and can't "untick" it. I wanted to put a picture of my current boat going back in the water yesterday here in Manly, Queensland, Au. Will try again.

 Ha!! I krackt it!  

 I am getting good @ this computer stuff. If any of you need any computer advice just ask me.

My friend Tom, boat yard superintendent, is taking me to provision this morning.  Wish I could do something good for these folks @ this yard, they have been super to me.  Looking forward to getting back out sailing around and finding nice anchorages. Starting today.

Seems I have this photo placement deal on the hip.  I think they change the process on me every time and that is what keeps confusing me.

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